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LDG’s focus is on understanding the client’s vision, needs, and constraints to generate a building design that will support and enhance the experience of occupying or living in it. Through this understanding, the program requirements are translated into floor plans and three-dimensional visualizations to depict the spaces and aesthetics of the design. Incorporating economic and environmental efficiencies, together with contextual design strategies, cultivates the project’s success.



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LDG provides programming services for residential, commercial, and institutional projects. This initial phase of a project is critical to determine space requirements and adjacencies to analyze the full potential of an existing or proposed building.


From the Preliminary Design phase through the completion of Construction Documents; we pride ourselves in our creative yet efficient design process to provide solutions and generate ideas, making our clients’ vision become reality.


In addition to our programming and design services, LDG has extensive experience in coordinating project teams,  facilitating approval processes and providing strategic planning proposals for various companies and governing bodies.

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